Possible Seattle

Possible Seattle

With 7 locations in 7 states, POSSIBLE is an excellent choice for an NHL franchise. It has a history of building successful teams, but the team’s name should be a good fit with Seattle’s city. The Canucks and Golden Knights have both used the term “killer whale” in their names, so this could also be a great option. A more creative approach would be to name the team after the local mountain, the Seattle Mountain, which inspired the Thunderbirds, a team in the city.

Readers at the Seattle Times recommended the names Sockeyes, Totems, and Mariners. Steelheads and Metropolitans were second- and third-place picks. While the Metropolitans are a great choice, they’re unlikely to be chosen since the team plays in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division. Regardless, Vegas oddsmakers have a list of their favorite names, including the Seahawks, Mariners, and Lightning.

POSSIBLE Seattle is an excellent choice

A Seattle hockey team might want to consider naming themselves after a local team. The Totems, for example, were Seattle’s longest-running pro hockey team in the Western Hockey League. The team’s name is derived from totem poles carved by indigenous tribes in the Pacific Northwest. This name also inspires the logos of the junior-level Seattle Thunderbirds. Choosing a name derived from a totem would be an excellent way to respect native culture while being respectful of the brand.

Although the Totems and Sockeyes were the top two choice names for a Seattle-based hockey team, fans of the other names chose different teams based on their personal preferences. The Sockeyes and Totems are the most popular among readers, while Steelheads and Mets were the second and third choices. The Seattle Sockeyes are the first American team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917, but that’s not likely either because the franchise is in the Metropolitan Division. However, the Mets and Steelheads were also favorites among the Vegas oddsmakers, so they’re also good choices for a new team name.

The merger of POSSIBLE Seattle and Wunderman Seattle has been a great move for the company. The merger will create a better environment for both companies, as well as greater diversity in staff. There will be no impact on the current workforce, and POSSIBLE will continue to be a stand-alone brand for key clients. And the future of the two agencies is bright for the city of Seattle. In fact, the agency name of the two firms will remain unchanged, but the global POSSIBLE name will continue to operate as before.

In Seattle, POSSIBLE and Wunderman have merged as part of a restructuring effort. The merger will allow the two companies to focus on their respective strengths and expand their footprint in the region. The two companies will retain their brands. The combined team will be headquartered in the city of Seattle. The POSSIBLE brand will remain separate for the Seattle office. If it becomes a household name in the NHL, it will become the dominant sports agency in the city.