Fitness 4 Charity

Fitness 4 Charity

Fitness 4 Charity is first company in the world dedicated exclusively to:

Donating Used/New Exercise Equipment & Instruction to those in need in the United States & the world.
Accepting donations of Funding, and of Used/New Exercise Equipment in the United States & the world.
Providing a Tax Deduction, as the law allows to donors. (We are a licenced 501C3 CA Not-for-Profit Corporation.  Fed ID #:02-0803812)

Fitness 4 Charity – Donating Used/New Exercise Equipment

In today’s world, exercise has become more important to maintain health and youth than ever. The proper fitness equipment can be a lifesaver.

Here in the United States, while we are blessed with the latest in exercise and fitness equipment, there is one big problem that has never been addressed. Once this equipment is not needed anymore, then what?

Millions of people have older exercise equipment they do not use or need. Most of us have something in the garage or closet. And this can present a dilemma.

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What do we do to get rid of our old exercise equipment? The average store will not take it in trade. It’s difficult to sell. Friends and family won’t always take it. Sadly, millions of dollars worth of perfectly good exercise equipment is thrown away every year. Now there is a solution to this problem, and Fitness 4 Charity is the answer.

There are homes for all the used and working pieces of exercise equipment throughout the United States and abroad. There is a bigger need and demand than can be imagined. And there is more than enough equipment to go around.

Where to donate exercise equipment?

Our job and mission is to fulfill the needs of children and adults that are seeking exercise equipment and instruction. Our gift to them is to do this for no charge. Our gift to you is a tax deduction. Our success depends on your donations and teamwork to give those in need a chance to take care of themselves physically. Our future is one that puts us all together in a healthy society, where the healthy are not paying for the unhealthy.

Please check out our site:  To see our press kit, please go to the tabs at the top of this page and click on it.  We have been written up in Woman’s World,, and many other on-line publications.  To donate, click on the ‘donate button’.  To receive equpment, go to the ‘need equipment tab’.

Please note:

We do not accept broken equipment.
We accept donations from all 50 states & the world when we can.
We do not buy used equipment; donations only please.
You must fill out a form to be contacted.  No form, no contact.  Emails & calls will be redirected to this site, unless without a computer.
Donors receive the highest tax deduction based on current market value, not what was original purchase price.
Donors do not have to be original purchasers to receive a tax deduction, but please check your local laws.  Burden of proof is on the donor.
Donors will be contacted if we find a recipient in your area, and they will contact you.  At this time Fitness4Charity does not warehouse products.
Donors may help us find a local organization who is in need and receive a tax deduction from our company if need be.  We will arrange the paperwork!  Burden of proof and legalities shall rest with the donor.
Recipients will be asked to sign a liability release form.  This is non negotiable.  If you can’t sign for it, don’t apply.
Recipients must tell us in the address form what STATE they live in.  If you don’t tell us where you are, you go to the bottom of the pile…
Recipients who are asked to pick up equipment will do so at their own expense, unless otherwise provided for.
Recipients are taken care of on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are unable to pick up equipment, or decide you don’t want something, and do not take care of this in a responsible manner, we will take the next applicant on the list.  We have a very long waiting list.
We receive hundreds of applications per week.  We will do our best to contact you.  Thank you for understanding that we do not contact everyone.

Over the past two years, we have provided donations of exercise equipment to a few of the following institutions:

Foster homes

Schools including High Schools and Colleges


Fire Stations

Police Stations


Individuals, and the list goes on…

Please help us help those in need and donate whatever you can.  Your gifts will go directly to help children and adults who will learn new life skills.  Your gifts give all of us a healthy future; your gifts are the future!

About Fitnes For Charity

John Paul Ouvrier, The Wizard of Youth, began his career in the fitness industry by selling exercise equipment in Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago.  His background as a professional ballroom dancer led to an easy transition of taking proper movement, and translating that to selling exercise equipment.

However, he noticed a growing problem:  People didn’t do anything with their old equipment once they stopped using it.  More often than not, it could not be sold, or given away.

John’s store and countless others across the United States throw old equipment away every week.  John’s co-workers and his brother, Matt would try and give as much away as they could to those in need, but nothing was officially organized.  Eventually, there was too much equipment, and the needs of those in need too great to not organize a body of dedicated people to officiate a donation program.  Hence, Fitness 4 Charity was born.

A personal note from Mr. Ouvrier
We would like to take this moment to thank the thousands of people over the past 20 years who have donated equipment to my brother and I.  You probably don’t know how many children, and adults in need whose lives you have changed for the better.  Thanks to your kind gifts, we have been able to put this not for profit company together to continue to sponsor those that would not get another chance at health in such a magnificent way.  You are the unsung hero’s today.  God bless you.

Please take a moment and click on our ever growing list of sponsored links that help us out.  If their services are something you need, please tell them we sent you!  If you are reading this, and you have received equipment from us over the years, please email us a picture and success story, and we will include you in our photo album.  Don’t hesitate to write us for any reason, you’re kind gifts and or usage of those gifts have made you part of our family, and that means you’re not a stranger here.