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New law requires paid sick leave at Seattle businesses || KOMO TV, 09/01/2012

Paid Sick and Safe Time starts in Seattle || Public News Service, 08/31/2012

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New Seattle labor law requires sick pay || Seattle Times, 08/31/2012

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Saturday: City’s sick leave ordinance for small businesses starts || KOMO Wallingford, 08/31/2012

Paid sick leave ordinance goes in effect Saturday, worrying small Seattle businesses || KIRO TV, 08/31/2012

Deadline looms for Seattle sick leave changes || KOMO TV, 08/28/2012

Celebrate safer, healthier Seattle as Paid Sick Days takes effect || The Stand, 08/24/2012

Paid sick leave for workers in Seattle takes effect September 1 || KPLU, 08/21/2012

Feelings mixed about Seattle sick leave ordinance || KOMO South Seattle, 08/14/2012

Seattle Holds Workshops On Paid Sick Leave || KUOW, 8/13/12

CHS Pics | Mayor signs new paid sick leave rules into law on 12th Ave || Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, 09/24/2011

McGinn signs mandatory paid sick leave bill ||, 09/23/2011

McGinn Expected To Sign Paid Sick Leave Plan Into Law Friday || KIRO TV, 09/23/2011

Paid sick leave law puts Seattle workers in good company || Q13 FOX News, 09/23/2011

Enact paid sick leave in Austin || The Daily Texan, 09/22/2011

Mayor Mike McGinn to sign paid sick days ordinance into law || West Seattle Herald, 09/22/2011

Should Cities Mandate Sick Leave? || Governing, 09/15/2011

Mandatory sick leave? Who pays? || Northwest Asian Weekly, 09/15/2011

Seattle takes the paid sick leave plunge || Forbes, 09/14/2011

Seattle approves paid sick-leave requirement || Seattle Times, 09/13/2011

Seattle Council Votes to Require Paid Sick Leave || Fox News, 09/13/2011

Seattle Passes Sick Leave Bill || KUOW, 09/13/2011

City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Measure, Mostly Everyone Stoked || Seattlest, 09/13/2011

Getting Sick Doesn’t Pay || Equal Voice, 09/13/2011

Seattle passes sick leave measure. What’s it mean for Denver? || Denver Post, 09/13/2011

Seattle joins the parade for mandatory sick leave || Crosscut, 09/12/2011

Seattle approves measure requiring paid sick leave || KOMO News, 09/12/2011

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Survey: Seattle Voters Favor Paid Sick Leave || MarketWatch, 09/12/2011

Seattle to vote on requiring paid sick leave || KGW News, 09/12/2011

Survey: Seattle Voters Favor Paid Sick Leave ||, 09/12/2011

Seattle Ready to Mandate Paid Sick Leave || Food Safety news, 09/12/2011

Ken Schram: Mandatory sick leave the right thing to do || KOMO News, 09/12/2011

Seattle to vote on requiring paid sick leave || Seattle PI, 09/12/2011

Seattle poised to adopt mandatory sick leave law || Sacramento Bee, 09/09/2011

Seattle poised to adopt mandatory sick leave law || Los Angeles Times, 09/09/2011

Seattle poised to adopt mandatory sick leave law || York Daily Record, 09/10/2011

Strong support among Seattle voters for paid sick days || MSNBC, 09/07/2011

Poll: Public Supports Paid Sick Leave || Publicola, 09/07/2011

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Do Healthy Schools Depend on Parents’ Paid Sick Leave? || Public News Service, 09/06/2011

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Seattle’s sick-leave bill gets business-friendly changes || Seattle Times, 08/12/2011

Health Committee Passes Paid Sick Leave Legislation, With Reservations || The Stranger, 8/10/2011

Mandatory sick leave bill OK’d by Council panel || Seattle PI, 8/10/2011

Council Committee Passes Paid Sick Leave Ordinance; More Changes to Come || Publicola, 8/10/2011

Proposal to require sick pay divides area business community || Seattle Times, 8/9/2011

State Economists Refute “Doomsday Predictions” That Paid Sick Leave Will Hurt Seattle Businesses || The Stranger, 8/9/2011

Licata: Economists like the paid sick leave proposal || Seattle PI, 8/8/2011

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Debate over paid sick days rages on in Seattle || KOMO 4 News, 7/28/2011

Your morning Starbucks: Sick workers aren’t just bad for business – they’re contagious, too || Puget Sound Business Journal, 7/21/2011

Seattle City Council tackles marijuana, sick leave || King 5 News, 7/13/2011

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Starbucks’ Howard Schultz inducted into Paid Sick Days Hall of Shame || MyNorthwest, 7/13/2011

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Paid sick leave in Seattle: a gay-rights issue? || Seattle Times, 7/8/2011

Small businesses should support “common ground” paid sick days proposal || West Seattle Herald, 7/7/2011

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Seattle Group Pushing For Paid Sick Leave || KUOW 94.9 FM, 6/22/2011

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How Seattle’s Paid Sick Days Requirement Would Work || The SunBreak, 6/22/2011

Seattle to battle over sick leave || KPLU, 6/21/2011

Proposed city ordinance to mandate paid sick leave || The UW Daily, 6/21/2011

Mandatory sick leave in Seattle a step closer to reality || King 5, 6/21/2011

Small Business Owners Drop Opposition to Paid Sick Leave || The Stranger, 6/21/2011

Plan would require Seattle firms to provide paid sick days || Seattle Times, 6/21/2011

Seattle City Council to consider paid sick day mandate || KIRO 97.3 FM, 6/21/2011

New Paid Sick Leave Rules Would Give Concessions to Restaurants, Small Businesses || Publicola, 6/21/2011

New sick leave idea for Seattle workers || Seattle PI, 6/21/2011

Seattle workers could get more paid sick leave || Q13 Fox, 6/20/2011

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Can a paid sick leave plan go national? || MSNBC, 6/5/2011

Paid sick days will mean a healthier Seattle || Seattle Times, 5/25/2011

Eating the Cost: Should Restaurant Owners Pay Workers Who Are Home Sick? || The Stranger, 5/24/2011

Study: Paid Sick Leave in WA Serves Up Bennies Beyond Safer Food || Public News Service, 5/11/2011

Push on for paid sick leave for all workers in Seattle || 97.3 KIRO FM, 5/11/2011

Employees and business owners argue over paid sick leave proposal || King 5 News, 5/11/2011

Molly Moon’s offers sick leave to employees || My Wallingford Blog, 5/10/2011

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Council Will Consider Citywide Mandatory Paid Sick Leave || Publicola, 4/25/2011

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New Seattle labor law requires sick pay