Majority Proposal Reached by Council on Paid Sick Days – supported by Coalition for a Healthy Workforce

councilmembers in supportSeattle,WA – Today a majority of the Seattle City Council members announced they have reached a consensus for a paid sick days proposal. This Majority Proposal is supported by the Coalition for a Healthy Workforce, a coalition of more than one hundred organizations and small businesses. The coalition’s leaders were pleased to work with council members to achieve this updated version of the initial proposal introduced by Council member Nick Licata, which passed out of committee by a unanimous vote with strong support from Council members Godden, O’Brien and Clark.

The Majority Proposal, to be voted on at Monday’s full Council meeting, was crafted with important work and leadership by Councilmember Burgess. In addition to Councilmember Burgess, others committed to this Majority Proposal are the four initial supporters (Council members Licata, Godden, O’Brien and Clark), and recently stating his support for this majority proposal, Councilmember Harrell.

“We are very pleased with this proposal as it stands today and applaud the work by the majority of council. This proposal to be voted on at Monday’s meeting allows workers to stay at home when they are sick without losing pay or fear of discipline,” said Marilyn Watkins of the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workplace. “That helps workers, their families and all the people they serve on a daily basis in workplaces and businesses across the city. We look forward to the vote by council on Monday to make it law.”

Paid Sick Days had been discussed for months prior to the official introduction of the initial proposal in June by Councilmember Licata. Since then dozens of organizations and small business partners have worked tirelessly with many council members to reach this Majority Proposal. Recent polls show overwhelming support for paid sick days in Seattle. And that is consistent with the over 2,500 emails, phone calls and personal testimony received by Council in favor of paid sick days.

Since the beginning of the campaign to pass paid sick days, the main focus has been to address the problem that 190,000 workers in the City of Seattle do not have paid sick days. And the lack of paid sick days result in workers coming to work sick and sending sick kids to school. That is not good for anyone. Having paid sick days will improve the health of workers, reduce health risks for the public and help prevent the spread of disease and promote healthy businesses and workplaces.

The vote by the full Seattle City Council is scheduled for Monday at 2PM in City Hall. A crowd of coalition supporters will gather at 1:30 outside City Hall to show support for this vote and then proceed into City Hall in a final call for the passage of the Paid Sick Days Majority Proposal.

About seattlehealthyworkforce

The Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce is a diverse coalition of businesses, faith-based, labor, family, and community groups. We’re working to ensure everyone has paid sick days, so we can all have safer food, healthier families and more productive workplaces.
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