Paid Sick Days Hall of Shame inducting 2nd member – but “Cyrus the Virus” promises counter-protest

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined the Walk of Fame lunch last week at the Five Point Cafe! We’ll be heading to some of the other Walk of Fame restaurants in the coming weeks to show them our gratitude, but in the meantime check out the full list of supporting businesses and make sure to stop by and say thanks!

Now, onto the next Hall of Shame event. We’ve got our eyes on several corporate targets who, despite the big bucks they bring in every year, do not provide paid sick days to food service workers who are literally on the front line of public health. You saw how hard we hit Starbucks, right?

Meet downtown this Wednesday the 27th at 12:30 p.m. at 3rd and University for the next shaming event. Which restaurant are we shaming? For now it’s under wraps — we don’t want to give these guys a heads up. But trust us, you’ll want to be there.

Cyrus the Virus, spotted in the wild roaming the streets of Seattle

One thing we can tell you: Rumor has it there will be a counter-protest by someone from the local pro-virus community. You’ll have to see it to believe it…this recent photo was taken by a local photographer – right before he was overcome with the flu – so consider yourself warned:

So bring your chanting voice, and get ready for some more of those clever Paid Sick Days signs everyone’s talking about. See you at 12:30pm on Wednesday.

P.S. After a break for lunch, we’ll be heading over to the scheduled City Council hearing on the proposed paid sick days ordinance. Feel free to join us!

Future Events

  • A “Pub Crawl for Public Health” event promoting local businesses that offer paid sick days and/or support the proposed standard is scheduled for July 30th.
  • At least one additional “Paid Sick Days Hall of Shame” inductions to highlight another business refusing to provide paid sick days is to be held August 3rd.

About seattlehealthyworkforce

The Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce is a diverse coalition of businesses, faith-based, labor, family, and community groups. We’re working to ensure everyone has paid sick days, so we can all have safer food, healthier families and more productive workplaces.
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