What Washington families could afford without the wage gap

In Washington, a typical woman working full time is paid $37,932 per year, while a similar man is paid $51,272 per year. That’s a gap of $13,340. If full-time working women in Washington were paid the same as their male counterparts, Washington’s families could afford:

  • 100 more weeks of food bills (1.9 years’ worth!)

  • 8 more months of mortgage and utilities payments

  • 16 more months of rent

  • 4 more years of family health insurance premiums

  • More than 4000 additional gallons of gas

Read more about federal efforts to end gender pay disparities through the Paycheck Fairness Act, from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

About Aaron Keating

Aaron Keating is the Communications Director for the Economic Opportunity Institute in Seattle, WA.
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